About CultureMate

CultureMate provides access to information relevant to each workplace.

The suite of products builds staff capacity to work effectively with colleagues and clients from culturally diverse backgrounds. The resource increases confidence to communicate effectively in a cross cultural context.

Core innovation

The core innovation is the ability for each user to compile tailored content:

  • Mimicking face-to-face training delivery and individualised cross cultural consultancies at a fraction of the cost.
  • Putting control of the information collection and display in the hands of the user.


  • Communication toolkit for culturally effective messages and campaigns.
  • Learning resource to identify major cultural differences and their impact on workplace communication.
  • Community profiles on specific cultural groups to understand the migrant and refugee experience.

CultureMate fills a gap for cost effective solutions without compromising quality.

Communication toolkit

All the information to support the development of culturally competent communication messages and campaigns - contact listings with multicultural community organisations; media lists; demographic data; 'how to tips'; templates and more

  • Organisational partnership map where staff record contacts with multicultural community organisations. Information is stored and available for download in a data base format. Functionality allows searching across a number of categories.
  • Communication Plan prompts user to ask the right questions in relation to an effective communication strategy:
    • what to think about when communicating to culturally and linguistically diverse communities and
    • what to consider in relation to different communication strategies.
    As the user progresses through the Plan, the information is recorded. On completion, the Plan is downloadable with all relevant information, contact details of relevant organisations, demographic details etc available for reference.
  • Community directory allows searching across a number of categories:
    • ethnic media lists,
    • multicultural community organisations and
    • local media lists.

Learning resource

Highly interactive, with filmed scenarios based on common cross cultural communication problems and choice of activities to engage a broad range of users

  • A range of learning activities accessible to users with different abilities, literacy skills, interests and existing knowledge.
  • Customisable and flexible format allowing on-going expansion and adaptation.
  • Individualised and self-paced mode provides control over learning; e.g. the capacity for recording thoughts and comments for subsequent reflection.
  • Administrator rights to training managers for ease of monitoring of training as well as total confidentiality.
  • A blend of non-assessable revision quizzes and compulsory assessable tasks.

Community profiles

Information on specific cultural and/or language groups to increase the understanding of the migrant and refugee experience.

Tailor made to reflect the demographic information required.

Users are able to generate customised Profiles. Topics may include:

  • Settlement history
    • Pre-arrival experiences
  • Support and networks
  • Geographic distribution
  • Age / gender
  • Religion
  • English language proficiency
  • Main language other than English spoken at home
  • Labour force participation
  • Education
    • Educational experiences
    • Participation /outcomes
  • Family dynamics, gender roles / parenting
  • Key cultural values & beliefs and how they impact on service delivery


CultureMate is hosted by Judith Miralles and Associates.

The following approach guarantees privacy of subscriber information:

  • Each organisation has exclusive administrator rights to a self-contained instance of the resource.
  • Each organisation administers staff access to the resource -adds / deletes users.
  • Administrators can monitor individual user's progress, results of compulsory assessable tasks.
  • The user information stored within the web site is not shared with third parties. Other organisations / individual users of the site do not have access to other users' information.
  • JM&A is able to reset / change master passwords to the instance if requested as well as the ability to reset / delete /create instances.